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Course Description:

this course is a practical hand on approach to study the skill needed in renewable energy. This short term course is to popularize the importance of green technologies to people across the globe; the course content has been developed from practical experience gained from field level application of different technologies.

The course may be a guide line for beginners who have the interest to be renewable energy professionals as well as those who are actively involved in environmental protection, green energy generation and sustainable agricultural programs.

The course also details out the reasons, benefits and challenges of green energy generation. An important aspect of this course is how to convert your own organic waste into a biogas production (from dream to reality).

It takes the participant a systematic step by step process to develop the skill needed in this industry and required operational strategies.


Applicant who successfully undertakes all the three stages of these training will be able to use the best acceptable environmental practices in dealing with community waste management and energy challenges. This will also create an avenue for the applicant to be entrepreneurs.

Biogas Expert Engineering has three stages of training (Basic, Intermediate and Advance)

  • Stage One (Basic): Trainees will be taught how to assemble a mobile plant to produce gas using cow dung or food waste (Course duration  three months).
    (B.T, A.D.T, Study of A.D, I.M.B.P, M.B.P.C, P.I.T).
  • Stage Two (Intermediate): Trainees will study Site surveying for semi-industrial plants, Soil science, Waste water treatment and Sanitary engineering using Fical matter (feces or faeces) to produce gas. Duration is 14 weeks(three months two weeks).
  • Stage Three (Advance): Biogas upgrading that meets the quality demand of Grid injection (gas to electricity), Transport fuel and Entrepreneurship and Business development. Duration is six months (6).


  1. Explain the concept of green energy production.
  2. Have a practical hand on how organic waste is converted into Biogas.
  3. Identify the business opportunities in this industry.
  4. Develop the interest in entrepreneurship.
  5. Student will be able to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired as a source of income.


  1. Each and every student is to obtain the following materials for their practical sections:
  2. Blue helmet
  3. Pair of hand glove
  4. Pair of safety boots