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BEE Nigeria TV Advert Biogas Digester, Biofil Digester, Solar Engineering, Organic Fertilizer
Biogas Expert Engineering (BEE) NG LTD. brings you many courses in renewable energy and waste management.
We have Biogas Engineering which uses Toilet waste and kitchen waste to generate gas which can also be used to generate electricity.
Biofil Digester is a new technology that replaces the Suck Away Pit that you already know. This one is small, does not smell, and does not get full.
Solar Engineering uses the sun's energy to give you electricity.
Organic fertilizer is a by-product of the biogas digester which is better than the chemical fertilizer we normally use.

Contact us now and learn how these are done.
Call the following numbers:
Ghana Offices: +233 (0) 303966983 / +233 (0) 555893001
Nigeria Offices: +234 (0) 8109117748 / +233 (0) 9078073225

Email: biogasexpertengineering@gmail.com
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